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What is digital elder abuse?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2024 | Personal Injury

An elderly loved one could be suffering from broken bones, bruises, bedsores and infections. These physical injuries can make it easy to spot when an elderly loved one is suffering from abuse. However, there are many forms of elder abuse.

One form of elder abuse that is becoming popular is digital abuse. Elderly people may be more susceptible to elder abuse as technology becomes more advanced. Here are a few kinds of digital elder abuse:

Phishing scams

Many people become victims of phishing scams. A phishing scam occurs when someone coaxes personal information out of someone else for their own personal gain, such as their address, credit card information or Social Security number. Many elderly people fall victim to phishing scams, such as robocalls and “Nigerian prince” emails. Typically this scam lures people into believing someone is in need of help or that the victim won a prize.

AI to mimic loved ones

Artificial intelligence (AI) can use images of people and short clips of their voices to mimic their likeness. These AI reproductions of people could be used to lure elderly people into a false sense of security as they believe they are talking to loved ones. These scammers could ask elderly people for money. Typically, they will request money through prepaid gift cards and cryptocurrency — methods to avoid being traced.

Tech support scam

Many elderly people do not know how to operate newer electronics. They may seek out tech support through unreliable sources. As a result, their private information could be stolen from their computers or phones. 

Unfortunately, some elderly loved ones are targeted by the people close to them. This could be a family member, caretaker or someone in their community. If an elderly loved one has been subjected to abuse, you can help them learn about their legal options.