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Client Testimonials

  • “We came to Foreman Watson Holtrey because of a horrible situation that occurred when a life threatening condition was not properly diagnosed. Travis Holtrey immediately took charge and we trusted him to take over and handle things. It was such a relief to us as we had been through so much. His professionalism and candor went far beyond our expectations. Our case was litigated and prepared for trial with precision and we highly recommend this law firm to those who have been injured due to the negligence of someone else.” — J.C.W.
  • “I knew Travis Holtrey from years of playing softball against him. When my mother was involved in a serious wreck, I called him and he dropped everything he was doing and came to sit with our family in the hospital. Travis kept us informed of every move he was making and explained it all so well. Travis and Tyler assembled a team of experts to quickly work on the case. The outcome of this case was far beyond our expectations, and we owe all that to Travis Holtrey and his team at FWH. The folks at FWH made us feel like there was no one more important than us.” — J. Wedding – Owensboro, KY
  • “Travis Holtrey took our very difficult medical malpractice case and never stopped believing. Travis’ honesty and hard work ultimately paid off and we were beyond happy with the outcome. No other local law firm would take our case. That did not prevent Travis from believing in us and our right to be compensated. We highly recommend Travis and the folks at FWH.” — Jerry W.
  • “My six year-old daughter was hit by a car in the parking lot behind our apartment complex. She broke her arm and had a bad concussion. The driver claimed my daughter ran out in front of him and he never saw her. I went to another personal injury law firm in Owensboro that told me they could not take the case because there was no eye-witness. I went to see Travis Holtrey and he took my daughter’s case. He and his team came to our apartment and photographed, videotaped and acted out the incident. I remember Travis driving around our apartment thirty or forty times. My husband even said that guy must be crazy! Next, my husband and daughter and I went to Travis’ office to give a statement while they videotaped us. PJ produced a movie about AH’s case and they sent it to the insurance company. About four months later Travis called me and told me that the insurance company had to agree to pay AH the full policy limits to settle the case. All of the medical bills were paid and our daughter has money that will pay for her college. Going to FWH and hiring Travis Holtrey changed our daughter’s life and we will never forget that. “ — Whitney H.
  • “I was injured in a car wreck. After four surgeries my medical bills were out of control. There were complex insurance issues and it was more than I could handle so I hired Travis Holtrey to be my attorney. Travis and his team at FWH took all the stress and pressure off me and after numerous depositions and two mediations I received an incredible settlement that will change my life forever. If you need injury lawyers, I strongly recommend you hire the attorneys at Foreman Watson Holtrey.” — Dorothy P., Monroe County, KY
  • “[We] are so thankful for your help last winter. You were there for us when we had no idea where to turn and we can’t begin to tell you what that meant. Thank you for your valuable direction, time, and most of all, compassion.” — T. R. Seidehamel, Owensboro, Kentucky
  • “I was involved in a freak accident when a rock boulder dropped from the roadside into the highway and I slammed into it. A split second later I was struck from behind. I had to have neck surgery and lost my ability to work in my profession of nursing. If it were not for the attorneys at F W H | Foreman Watson Holtrey, I would not have had a way to dig out of the hole I was in. I had been told no by other attorneys and F W H | Foreman Watson Holtrey took my case. I am forever grateful to Travis and his staff for the fantastic recovery they obtained for me by taking my case to court. “— N. Miracle
  • “I was injured when I fell from a ladder while doing work for a friend at his house. There was no defect of the ladder and I could not recall how I fell because I lost consciousness. That challenge did not keep the attorneys at F W H | Foreman Watson Holtrey from taking my case and they recovered far in excess of what we ever dreamed was possible. It was surprising to me how much attention the attorneys paid to all the details in the case. I highly recommend this law firm.”— D.C., Ohio County, Kentucky
  • “I came to Travis Holtrey just two days before my statute of limitations ran in a medical negligence case. They moved quickly to obtain ample information to file a lawsuit and to protect my claim involving an I.V. mishap that went undetected and caused permanent nerve damage to my right arm. Before speaking with this office, another attorney advised he could not assist me. Through Mr. Holtrey’s hard work, I was compensated fully (more than 20 times my medical bills) for the injuries I suffered. Even after the case settled, he continued to work with Medicare and another health insurance carrier to handle the reimbursement for medical bills. Now, I can prepare for my future and make modifications around my house to adapt to my injury.”— R. Rogier, Grandview, IN
  • “Back in May of 2015 I was involved in a motorcycle accident that nearly took my life and shortly thereafter we hired the firm of Foreman Watson Holtrey. We’re truly thankful for how the firm took care of us and treated us as if our own family was theirs. The extent of the research the law firm did on our behalf was totally exceptional. We feel like FWH was looking out for our best interest. The countless hours they put in to represent us was beyond measure. We deeply appreciate the efforts put behind our case. FWH put together a short film of the impact the accident had on my life, also how it affected my wife and other extended family. The video presentation was all done in house by their assistant named P.J. It was all just totally overwhelming and very compelling as to the way they produced the video to tell my story. This is one of the ways they stick out above others. They have an outstanding staff of wonderful people who show compassion for each person that comes in their doors. Their staff is beyond remarkable. Travis Holtrey is always thinking ahead and has a way of pulling things together in the end that amazed me. He is one of the hardest working people I know. Months after the case was over, Travis even came by my place of work to see me just because he was passing through town. You do not forget those kinds of gestures.”— A.L. Wilson