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Work through the terms of your divorce as amicably as possible

The terms of your divorce can either set you up for success in the future or tear you down and make it hard to rebuild. Obviously, your goal is the first option. We know that you want a divorce settlement that is in your best interests and we are here to work toward that goal.

One of the most important things for you to remember as you are going through the divorce is that you have to protect yourself. Your ex might have done that while you were married, but now they are going to look after themselves.

Trucking crashes demand urgent attention, act accordingly

Accidents with semi-trucks are particularly devastating. This is because of the sheer size and the incredible weight of these large vehicles. When they slam into a personal vehicle, the occupants of the car are likely going to face a worse fate than the people in the semi-truck cab. If you are injured in a trucking crash, you should remember that you have specific rights now.

Your top priority is likely going to be getting medical care for your injuries. This can actually be very important in a claim for compensation because the medical records can tie those injuries together with the accident, which can help to prove that your case meets the legal requirement for a personal injury case. We realize that this might seem complex, but we are here to handle the legal aspects of the matter so that you can focus on healing and moving forward.

Beware of emotional trauma after a car wreck

While it is easy to focus on the physical injuries that you suffered in a car wreck, you need to look beyond those and determine how your mental health is holding up after this traumatic event. There is a chance that you are suffering from mental trauma that can become very serious if it is left unchecked.

Some people might even experience post-traumatic stress disorder after a serious car wreck. There are several things to remember if you are trying to determine how you are faring emotionally after an accident.

Protecting your loved ones who live in nursing homes

Making the choice to place a loved one in a nursing home is not an easy decision. If this is something your Kentucky family did in order to ensure a family member gets the care and support he or she needs, you probably assume that the facility will meet certain standards. It can be devastating to learn that your loved one suffered some kind of harm while living in a nursing home. 

Negligence and abuse of any kind is unacceptable in a nursing home. Residents have certain rights, and when facilities and those who work there violate these rights, family members can take action. If you suspect abuse, mistreatment and other types of harm, you would be wise to take quick action to see about protecting your loved one and holding liable parties accountable.

Consider the various impacts of divorce aspects

The end of a marriage is a trying time for many people. If your ex sprung a divorce unexpectedly on you, it might feel like you are trying to rush to catch up. It is important for you to take stock of the situation and learn about what's coming so you can protect your own interests. We can help you do this and come up with solutions to address the issues that are present in your case.

One thing to remember is that you are likely going to go through negotiations with your ex about child custody, support payments and property division. These might be heated, but you might be able to work out a deal that allows you to start your new life off on the best foundation possible. Throughout the negotiations, you need to think about how various arrangements will affect you right away, but don't forget about the long-term effects.

Including charities in your estate plan should be done early

Many people focus on what they want to leave to their family members when they pass away. This is a good thing to do, but there are some individuals who look at other options for their estate. Sometimes, the person might want to hand some money or assets over to a charity that can help others with it. If you are going to do this when you pass away, now is the time to get your estate plan in place.

Even if you don't want to think about it, there might be someone in your family who will call your wishes into question after you pass away. Trust litigation is a huge issue for some estates, and it might be more probable if you are older and closer to your final days than you are now. The person might question your ability to understand what you are doing, which could lead to your charity having to fight to get what you wanted to leave to it.

Financial matters are important during a divorce

The financial impact of a divorce is difficult for some women to manage. In the short term, you have your normal bills to pay, but you also have the expenses that are directly related to the divorce. This can put an even bigger strain on your bank account right now.

In order to properly plan for your finances, you need to set a budget based on your income. Even if you think that spousal support is forthcoming, don't plan on it until you have an order for it. You need to ensure you include vital expenses like your car payment, insurance, food, mortgage or rent, utilities and any other payments that are critical. Remember, you can adjust your budget as things settle down and your needs change.

Review your entire child custody order for a full understanding

Having to deal with issues related to your children can be troublesome. The problems you will face are increased when you are dealing with a child custody arrangement. It is imperative to ensure you are complying with the terms of the order, so that you don't face future legal issues. We realize that settling into this situation isn't always easy, so we are here to help you go through the order so you can understand what you need to do and what your ex is expected to do.

Child custody orders cover many aspects of the arrangement. One of the terms that is reviewed often is the parenting time schedule. This is the outline of when each parent will have the children with them. A schedule for normal times of the year is included, but there is often another schedule for holidays. It is best to become familiar with both of these.

Why should you pay for damage another driver's negligence caused?

If you're a parent, you understand that while your children are young, you are responsible for their behavior. Like all Kentucky parents, you have an obligation to keep your children as safe as possible and to provide for their needs; however, you are also supposed to teach them how to behave properly. As they get older, you make sure they understand traffic laws when they are old enough to drive as well as laws concerning alcohol and other criminal offenses.  

Once your kids reach a certain age, they become legally responsible for their own choices. Just as you reach a point in your parenting journey when you are no longer legally responsible for your kids, you are also not responsible for the actions of other adults, such as motorists with whom you share the road. If a distracted driver wrecks into your vehicle, causing you injury, you are likely not to blame.

Who's at fault in a bike crash?

When you exercise, the last thing you're thinking about is getting hit by a car. Unfortunately, whether you're a pedestrian, cyclist or another road user, there is a risk of getting into a collision.

As with any kind of crash, there is a risk that you could suffer an injury. If you do, then the person responsible for the collision should pay for your medical care and needs.

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