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Child support payments may be comingled with household funds

Child support ensures that both parents are helping to cover the cost of rearing the child. This is sometimes a very contentious matter, but it is one that must be resolved. It is imperative that the adults in these matters remember that support payments are meant to provide a good life for the child.

When you pay child support, your ex is only the conduit for your child to get money. You can't really hand a child money and expect them to manage it responsibly. A four-year-old isn't going to pay the electric bill and buy food with a child support payment. Instead, you pay the money to your ex so that he or she can pay what needs to be paid.

Semi crashes may be caused by truckers, but other factors exist

Truckers have a duty to drive safely so that others on the road can get to where they are going. When truckers are distracted or suffering from fatigue, they might not be able to handle their driving duties in the manner they should. Unfortunately, many of them know that they can't simply stop and take some time to rest and gather their wits. They are often on very tight schedules that don't allow them the liberty to do what they need in order to remain safe.

There are a few other causes of semi truck crashes that you should know about. Other drivers might dart in front of the trucker, which can cause them to take evasive actions that might result in a crash. They might hit that vehicle and then cause a chain reaction.

Hours of service regulations goal is to prevent truck accidents

Semitrailers and other commercial vehicles are a familiar sight on many Kentucky roadways. Sadly, truck accidents involving these vehicles are common. While there are numerous things that can contribute to semitrailer accidents, driver fatigue is a significant issue in many cases.

In order to help prevent truck accidents related to driver fatigue, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has certain regulations in place that limit the number of hours of service. Truck drivers are only to be on the road for certain lengths of time, and regulations require them to take breaks so that they are ready to safely operate their vehicles.

Monitor these areas of concern during a divorce

The end of a marriage brings up a lot of emotions and decisions. If you and your ex have children, they will have some major changes to adjust to as well. Thinking about the best way to help them as you deal with the situation yourself can be overwhelming. You may find that addressing issues one at a time is beneficial. We are here to help you find out about your legal options for different situations that may arise during your divorce.

For most divorces, there are three primary concerns, including property division, child custody and support payments. These three can all have a big impact on your future, so you need to consider them carefully. You can't assume that you already know the outcome for any of these separate matters.

Don't believe common child custody myths

Parenting your children is a difficult task, even in the best situations. Things can get even more complex when you are divorced. It is important that you think carefully about what you want to do about custody issues. Dispelling common myths might be helpful.

One thing that you shouldn't assume is that the mother is always going to get custody of the children. In fact, more cases are moving toward shared custody that enables both parents to have equal time with the children.

Making lists might help you create your estate plan

Estate plans aren't something that you can do in a hurry and then forget about them. Instead, you need to be able to think about how you are setting everything up. Typically, your will should be the cornerstone of the plan. This outlines who is going to get which assets that you have. On top of this, you should also ensure that you have other necessary components handled correctly.

We know that you have a lot to think about when it comes to these arrangements. While the exact process you use must fit your needs, there are some special things to think about that might be beneficial. One of these is that it might help you to make a list of the people you want to include in your will. This gives you something to check when you are divvying up the assets that you have.

Divorce can take an emotional toll on you

One thing that makes divorce so difficult to deal with is the emotional toll that it takes on each person. You need to be prepared for the way that the end of your marriage might impact you during the process, as well as in the period after it.

There are many different feelings that you might experience. Oftentimes, this is a roller coaster of emotions that can have ups and downs at a drop of the hat. Knowing how to cope with these might be beneficial.

Kentucky roadways: More dangerous when drunk drivers are nearby

If you are age 21 or beyond, Kentucky law allows you to drink alcohol, unless, of course, there is a particular reason in your individual criminal history that prohibits it. If you consume a drink with alcohol in it before planning to operate a motor vehicle, you are under obligation to make responsible decisions as to whether you are legally able to drive. If your blood alcohol content level is .08 or above, you risk facing arrest and DUI charges.

What if you are completely sober, haven't touched a drop, and get into a car accident because another motorist made an irresponsible choice to drink and drive? Many fatalities occur every year throughout the nation because of drunk driving. If you suspect that a particular driver might be dealing with intoxication and can keep a safe distance between the two of you, you increase your chances of safely reaching your destination. That's not always possible, however.

Personal injury cases must be carefully planned

Car wrecks and other accidents can lead to very serious injuries that have life-long impacts. The victims of these crashes might decide that they are going to seek compensation. Taking the steps to do this quickly can help ensure that they get things done within the time allotted by Kentucky law.

We realize that you might have some health concerns that need to be addressed before you can take legal action. You should seek out care for those and get stabilized as quickly as possible after the accident. Once that is done, you can look into seeking compensation.

Find your peace with co-parenting

Keeping your focus on co-parenting isn't always easy. Since you and your ex aren't in a relationship any longer, it can be rather difficult to have to deal with him or her on a regular basis, but you have to because of the children.

One way that you can make things easier on yourself is to find your zen. Figure out what makes the situation a little less stressful for yourself and focus on those. Here are some suggestions you might find useful:

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