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Working Toward An Amicable Solution During Divorce

Disagreements and tension may have led you and your estranged spouse to consider filing for divorce. However, working together during this process is in everyone’s best interests.

While contentious divorces may make news, most estranged spouses benefit when they resolve matters amicably, especially when children are involved. When you are angry with an estranged partner, you may be motivated by “win at all costs” mentality. Embracing this mindset causes problems because it prolongs divorce and harms relationships years after proceedings conclude.

During these emotional and challenging times, it is necessary to work with an objective, professional advocate who prioritizes long-term solutions over temporary victories. Our family law attorneys at Foreman Watson Holtrey, LLP, have provided this type of counsel for over a decade. Our lawyers use their extensive legal background to efficiently address complex conflicts.

We Focus On Your Future When Advising You During Divorce Disputes

As a locally owned firm, we represent families in our communities throughout western Kentucky, dedicated to finding lasting remedies for troubled families. We strive to minimize the drama that can derail positive negotiations related to these issues:

In many situations, negotiation streamlines divorce proceeding. When an opposing party refuses to compromise, our trial attorneys are equipped to handle your case in court. We can represent you effectively in negotiation and litigation.

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Don’t enter divorce negotiations alone. Our attorneys are eager to help and offer free, initial consultations.

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