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Could your elderly relative benefit from guardianship?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2023 | Estate Planning

Your elderly relatives have likely had a huge influence on your life. They looked after you when you were young and vulnerable and ensured you had all the relevant tools to cope with adulthood.

Thus, it often comes as a surprise when such people start struggling as they get older. The reality is that age catches up with everyone and your elderly relatives may start to lose some of their independence.

Something that can help with this is guardianship. This involves appointing an individual to help make key decisions on behalf of the elderly individual.

Below are a few signs that your elderly relative could benefit from guardianship.

If they are susceptible to financial abuse

Sadly, there are some financial scammers who prey on the elderly. There was a time when your relative would never have fallen for financial scams, but you’ve noticed that they’ve paid out to scammers a few times now.

The older an individual gets, the more susceptible they are to undue influence. Undue influence essentially involves someone putting immense pressure on an individual to part with their money. A guardianship can help to address this. When the decision-making ability of your elderly relative is compromised, a guardian can ensure that they are not taken advantage of.

Healthcare reasons

It’s important that all individuals have freedom of choice when it comes to healthcare decisions. Nonetheless, an illness in itself can compromise your relative’s ability to make key decisions. For instance, if your relative suffers from Alzheimer’s or dementia, they may no longer understand the implications of healthcare decisions. A guardian can take on this burden and ensure that your relative gets everything they need in terms of medical treatment.   

Nominating a guardian is a big decision that requires careful consideration. You should seek legal guidance to gather as much information as possible.