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Infant hypoxia can leave a child with permanent disabilities

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2021 | Personal Injury

One of the dangers of any childbirth is that the newborn will not get enough oxygen immediately before or during the birthing process.

As is the case with anybody, the newborn’s brain requires oxygen to function. Without an adequate supply of it, the brain suffers progressively more serious damage.

This condition is called hypoxia. While a prompt response to it can avoid serious injuries to a newborn, if it lasts for more than just a few minutes, the child has a good chance of developing cerebral palsy or other serious physical, emotional and intellectual problems.

These issues can mean that the child will require medical care for the rest of his or her life and may never be able to live and work independently.

During childbirth, a number of complications can cause hypoxia. Infections, issues with the umbilical cord or placenta or even just a particularly slow or difficult labor and delivery can cause hypoxia.

Many times, infant hypoxia can be prevented or caught early and remedied

Especially with advances in technology, in many cases, medical professionals can quickly identify when a newborn is not getting adequate oxygen during childbirth. The key is careful and attentive monitoring.

Furthermore, if a problem should arise, the medical team must respond immediately in order to get the infant enough oxygen.

Too often, the reason an infant suffers from life-altering hypoxia is because a doctor or other medical professional was negligent during the childbirth process. If this is the case, then the parents of the injured child may be able to recover damages for their losses.

These damages can include compensation for medical and other rehabilitative expenses as well as compensation for non-economic damages like emotional distress or pain and suffering.