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What causes birth injuries?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2020 | Personal Injury

Some birth injuries are apparent, and some are not known for years. Trying to determine if your child has an injury begins with the events at birth.

While some development issues may damage a baby in utero, birth injuries only happen during labor and delivery. Discover some of the common ways a newborn may suffer an injury during the birthing process.

The use of medical equipment to assist birth

A baby may require help coming through the birth canal and vagina. Some situations may necessitate the doctor to use medical tools to aid in delivery. Some babies may require manipulation due to incorrect positioning. In some instances, forceps or vacuum extraction may prove more beneficial. When a doctor uses instruments to assist a baby’s birth, there is a higher chance of a skull injury.

A delay in performing a cesarian section

There are times when the labor process is taking too long for a vaginal delivery. The baby may experience stress due to prolonged labor. Medical personnel can typically tell if a baby is in distress by monitoring vital signs. When there is a drastic fluctuation in these vital signs or those of the mother, emergency intervention may call for a C-section. If a doctor delays in making this decision or if there is inadequate monitoring, the baby may not get enough oxygen. When a baby’s brain does not receive adequate oxygen, it may result in permanent cognitive and physical delays. Cerebral palsy is the most common medical consequence of asphyxiation during labor and delivery.

Bumps and bruises due to the trauma of labor and delivery may prove more serious. When medical intervention is either too rushed or too slow, it may wind up permanently damaging a newborn.