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Signs of a brain injury after a car accident

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many times, a vehicle accident causes obvious physical harm, like broken bones and deep lacerations. Other times, they can cause an injury that may go undetected for days.

Traumatic brain injuries can arise from even relatively low impacts, and they may not show symptoms for some time. If you are experiencing unusual effects after a seemingly minor crash, it could mean you were hurt more than you thought.

Subtle changes, significant impact

After a car accident, you might notice subtle changes hinting at a brain injury. These can include difficulty concentrating or feeling unusually exhausted. Such symptoms may not seem alarming, but they can worsen, disrupting your professional and personal life if untreated.

Emotional and behavioral shifts

Brain injuries can lead to emotional and behavioral changes. You may suddenly experience mood swings, irritability or unusual sadness. Odd changes in behavioral or emotional patterns could also mean you did not fare well in the accident.

Unexpected cognitive hurdles

Cognitive effects are among the most telling signs of a brain injury. Memory lapses, confusion and trouble making decisions are common. These issues can make it difficult to perform your job, manage finances, or even plan your day, leading to frustration and fear.

A ripple effect

The symptoms of a brain injury can touch every aspect of your life and its symptoms may worsen without care. If you are suddenly not feeling like yourself after a recent car accident, seek a medical opinion immediately.

An official diagnosis combined with medical evidence can yield maximum compensation under Kentucky injury and accident laws. Legal guidance can help you present a compelling claim.