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What is negligent security?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2024 | Personal Injury

Property owners have a certain responsibility to the people they allow on their property – and that includes keeping them safe from more than just slips and falls. They’re also expected to take steps to mitigate other known dangers – including the risk of assaults.

Unfortunately, negligent security can be a serious issue in many places, and the results of a property owner’s attempt to cut corners and costs can be disastrous.

What does negligent security look like?

A lot depends on the situation. In a high-crime area where there have been frequent robberies and attacks, the security measures would naturally need to be more elevated than what you might find in a low-risk area without any history of problems. 

Here are some examples of what might be considered negligent security:

  • Insufficient lighting: Poorly lit areas in parking lots, stairwells and common areas can create an environment that makes criminal activity easier – and put patrons at risk.
  • Inadequate surveillance systems: Given how inexpensive modern security technology has become and how simple it is to install and maintain, the failure to have cameras covering entrances and exits to act as a deterrent to crime could be unconscionable.
  • Inadequate access control: Broken locks, malfunctioning keycard systems and the failure to stop unwanted elements from entering spaces where they could pose a threat to others. This can be particularly problematic in hotels, apartment complexes, college dorms and shopping centers.
  • Negligent hiring and training: If property owners or managers fail to conduct thorough background checks or provide proper training to their workers, it can lead to ineffective security measures. Unqualified or inadequately trained personnel may be unable to respond appropriately to potential security threats.

If you suffered injuries in an attack on another person’s property, negligent security may give rise to a valid premises liability claim. Learning more about your legal rights may make it easier to assess your options.