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Some strategies if you encounter a potentially dangerous dog

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2024 | Personal Injury

When people talk about dangerous dogs, they are often referring to specific breeds. Yet, it is important to remember that any dog can bite and cause serious injuries and infection. Some can even kill, especially if attacking someone small or weak.

You would be justified in feeling scared if you encounter a loose dog that appears aggressive when you are out on foot. What should you do? Here are some recommendations from one dog trainer and animal behaviorist. Which is best depends on the specific situation you’re facing.

Slow down or stop

You might feel like running, but that could encourage the dog to chase you. Some dogs get excited and may think it’s a game, while others chase by instinct.

Make sure the dog understands you are a human

Reflective sunglasses, hats or flashing lights can all confuse a dog. Making yourself more human by removing those items could help the animal understand that you do not pose a threat to it.

Talk nicely to the dog

Shouting at the dog is not the way to go. That could make it feel threatened, especially if it belongs to someone who mistreats it. Be nice to the dog, telling it that it’s good. Again, it’s about convincing the animal you mean no harm.

You may need to move further away

If the dog has not calmed down, you may need to cross the street or take an alternative route to avoid passing directly by it. It will be quicker than getting bitten and having to go to hospital.

These tips could help you avoid a dog bite, but they might not always work. So much depends on the dog itself and the life it has led. If it bites you, get medical treatment, then learn how to hold the owner responsible.