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Common causes of nursing home injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Personal Injury

Nursing homes play a critical role in providing care for individuals who are unable to manage their own medical and personal needs. Kentucky families may visit and interview nursing homes for their loved ones to attempt to screen out facilities that seem unsafe or problematic. Unfortunately, accidents and personal injury events happen in many nursing homes, and individuals may find that their loved ones have suffered due to negligence exercised by nursing home care providers.

One way individuals can be aware of possible nursing home dangers is by understanding how and when nursing home injuries happen. If their loved ones are unlucky enough to be harmed in a nursing home incident, they can discuss their possible claims with personal injury lawyers in their communities.

How do nursing home accidents happen?

Nursing home accidents happen in many different ways, but they often occur when facilities fail to provide their residents with sufficient supervision. For example, an understaffed nursing home may not have enough personnel to ensure all residents are safely under observation and regularly check on. Similarly, nursing homes that do not train their personnel to recognize possible threats and dangers to their residents may be negligent in their employment of unprepared workers.

Accidents can also happen when nursing homes do not take care of the physical maintenance of their facilities. Residents can suffer serious trips and falls when their stumble over loose rugs or floorboards, or trip over objects in their way when they do not have sufficient light to see. Poor maintenance can be a cause of a nursing home accident.

Addressing liability after an accident

Negligence in the context of a nursing home can lead to serious and sometimes life-threatening accidents for individuals who require support and care for their well-being. When a nursing home accident happens, someone may be to blame. Legal claims may be available to victims to help them recover their losses and move their lives forward after their accidents.