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How can forceps delivery cause birth injuries?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2021 | Personal Injury

A long and complicated birth may require the use of forceps during delivery. These prongs help guide the baby’s head out of the birth canal.

However, when improperly used, they can also cause lasting physical damage to the mother and child during this time. These complications can linger even after your baby is safely in your arms.

Rips and tears

According to the Mayo Clinic, you may accidentally receive genital tract tears after this procedure. Your uterine wall can also tear or even rupture, which causes additional bleeding and bouts of pain during the delivery.

Further irritation around your urethra or vagina can make it hard to sit or walk for long distances.

Eye and face trauma

This procedure can also potentially harm your baby, typically around his or her face or skull. In severe cases, seizures could occur. However, a variety of facial injuries are the most common problem after the use of forceps.

Since an infant’s head is fragile, this pressure can lead to bleeding within the skull. Sometimes, these issues can be seriously life-threatening but many are not as severe.

Urinary tract trouble

Completely emptying your bladder can become increasingly difficult after you arrive home. Many women report issues with urinating or defecating for a long period of time after issues with forceps delivery. In some cases, you may temporarily need a catheter because of the harm to your urethra.

The organs around your pelvis could feel weak and eventually prolapse. While these complications occur in other deliveries, the use of forceps increases the odds you or your baby could have health issues after your birth.