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Crashes involving teen drivers spike during 100 Deadliest Days

On Behalf of | May 4, 2021 | Blog

Teenagers do not have the same degree of experience as older motorists, placing them at a higher risk of crashing. When hordes of teen drivers descend on Kentucky’s roadways at the same time, it raises risks for everyone on the roadway.

Per the Northern Kentucky Tribune, teen driver-involved car wrecks, and fatal teen driver-involved car wrecks, increase each year between Memorial Day and Labor Day, when most teens are out of school. This stretch of time has become so dangerous that safety advocates now refer to this period as summer’s 100 Deadliest Days. Inexperience contributes to many crashes involving teenagers. However, many such wrecks also include other elements, such as drivers who speed or drive while distracted.

Statistics surrounding summer’s 100 Deadliest Days

Over the past 10 years, 155 people died in wrecks involving teenage drivers during the 100 Deadliest Days. On the national level, more than 8,300 people died in crashes involving teen drivers during 100 Deadliest Days periods between 2008 and 2018.

Factors contributing to 100 Deadliest Days

Many teenage drivers admit to engaging in dangerous driving behaviors. In a study involving teen drivers between 16 and 18 years of age, 72% acknowledged engaging in one or more dangerous driving behaviors within the past 30 days. Topping that list was driving at least 10 mph over the limit in a residential area, with 47% of teens surveyed admitting to doing so. Another 35% of teens admitted to texting behind the wheel within the last 30 days. Another 32% admitted to having run a red light within the same timespan.

Parents of teen drivers may be able to reduce crash risks by making their teens drive with adult supervision and restricting them from having teen passengers or other distractions in their vehicles.