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Authorities claim alcohol a factor in Pulaski County collision

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Personal Injury

Whenever a driver in Kentucky gets behind the wheel, they take an inherent risk. The chances of them experiencing a car accident on the state’s roads and highways is ever-present. Yet most accept this risk due to the assumption that the other drivers on the road around care about avoiding collisions just as much as they do. 

Unfortunately, not everyone takes such care at all times. One cannot control the negligent and reckless acts of another who chooses to drive recklessly or to drive after drinking. Yet sadly, they may still suffer (often disproportionately) because of such carelessness. 

Two killed in drunk driving accident on U.S. 27

This fact was on full display in a recent collision that occurred in Pulaski County. Per the Lexington Herald-Leader, a man driving his truck along state highway 70 attempted to cross on to U.S. 27 when he collided with another truck. Both he and his young son sustained injuries in the collision. Unfortunately, the occupants of the other vehicle were not as fortunate. Both women died. After arriving at the scene and inspecting the man’s vehicle, authorities found beer cans. The man admitted to having consumed alcohol earlier, and a subsequent test revealed it to still be in his system. Officials arrested him and charged him with various offenses related to the accident. 

Compensation claims filed in conjunction with criminal cases

In cases such as this (where the driver responsible for a car accident faces criminal charges), some might think that they must wait until criminal proceedings conclude before they can seek compensation. Yet that is not the case; both matters can occur simultaneously. Yet the unique circumstances can create complications. Thus, one may be well-served in enlisting the services of a legal professional during the process.