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Preparing your car for winter driving

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2020 | Blog

Winter weather conditions can make driving in the cold months a deadly hazard. The combination of poor visibility, fog, slick roadways and careless driving introduces a dangerous environment to drive in. 

Before the winter weather and holiday season begin, you should maximize roadway safety and avoid motor vehicle accidents by winterizing your car. 

Invest in winter tires

Purchasing a set of winter or all-weather tires will give your car more traction and a flexible tread on dangerous road conditions. The added safety of these tires helps with control and securing your vehicle to the road. If the tires on your car are already adequate, still make sure to rotate them. You want to have the tires with the better tread in the rear. 

Check the battery and brakes 

An important step in winterizing your vehicle is having your battery checked. Since the cold weather adds extra strain to car batteries, have your mechanic replace your battery if needed. 

The road salt and extra moisture in the air take a toll on your car’s brake system. Be proactive and check the brakes several times throughout the season. 

Refill brake and washer fluids

Switch to special brake fluid designed for cold weather use. Brake fluid tends to collect water molecules and gets dirtier in the winter. The washer fluid in your car will not freeze with the help of a cold-rated formula. 

Replace the wipers

Your car’s wiper blades will wear out quickly when you use them to swipe ice off the windshield. Replacing them is inexpensive, so change to a new pair before the freezing weather. 

Although driving in the winter can be dangerous, winterizing your vehicle and taking the proper precautions will certainly help you maximize driving safely.