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Kentucky 7th in the nation for deaths caused by red-light runners

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2020 | Personal Injury

If everyone obeyed traffic signals, navigating Kentucky’s busy intersections would be seamless. However, many motorists who live in and visit the state blow through red lights, endangering you and everyone else in the process. Drivers who run red lights have become so common across Kentucky that the state now ranks seventh in the nation in terms of the number of deaths caused by these individuals.

Current research detailed in The Lane Report shows that Kentucky sees 3.4 fatalities caused by motorists who run red lights for every million people living in the state. On the national level, road deaths caused by motorists who run red lights have reached a 10-year high, with 939 people dying due to these circumstances in 2017 alone. Why is it road deaths caused by red-light runners are on the rise and is there anything communities should do to enhance your safety?

Contributing factors

Most motorists who blow through red lights are either negligent or careless. Many of them are also driving while distracted. In many instances, drivers who roll or speed through red lights are using their phones, conversing with passengers or eating or drinking behind the wheel.

Community efforts

Given how frequent crashes caused by red-light runners have become across Kentucky’s roadways, you may wonder what communities are doing to reduce such fatalities. Studies show that cameras that catch and penalize offenders help reduce careless driving in signaled intersections. A recent study showed that adding red-light cameras in big cities reduces red-light running rates by more than 20% and fatal car crash rates by 14%.