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What are the hidden dangers of cat bites?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | Firm News

When residents in Kentucky think of dangerous bite attacks, it’s likely that dogs are the first animal to come to mind, as their bites are known to be powerful to the point of disfigurement. But did you know that cat bites can actually be even more dangerous than dog bites? 

Cats are not as big as dogs and their mouths do not have as much raw power. For this reason, many people preemptively discount them when considering the dangers of being bitten. However, a cat’s bite has unique dangerous properties that a dog bite does not. 

For example, cat mouths house many types of bacteria that are specifically dangerous to humans. Large amounts of cat bite wounds are infected compared to dog bite wounds. This is partially because of the bacteria found within a cat’s mouth and also partially because of the way a cat’s teeth work. They are designed to puncture rather than to rip and tear. Their fangs can sink deep below the surface of a human’s skin, injecting bacteria into or even below the fatty tissue layer. This can cause issues like sepsis, gangrene, or other deep rooted infections. 

Cat bite infections also progress very quickly. Within the first couple of hours of getting bitten, many victims often find themselves already experiencing symptoms such as redness and swelling that rapidly gets worse. 

If you are interested in reading more about cat bite attacks and how the victims may be affected, take a look at our web page on personal injury for more information. You may be surprised by what you learn.