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Returning to work after a bicycle accident

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2019 | Personal Injury

The consequences of a bicycle accident can turn a victim’s life into chaos for a multitude of reasons. Financial hardships, debilitating injuries and emotional setbacks are very common, and some people have to work through an especially long road to recovery. Worse, there may be many facets of a victim’s life that will never return to normal, such as their ability to participate in physically demanding sports and other activities. For some people, just returning to work can seem impossible, especially if the accident has injured them in a way that interferes with their ability to perform critical job duties.

Some people try to work as soon as they can after a bicycle accident because of their financial needs. However, you should not return to work until you are fully able to perform your job tasks safely. If you need help with finances, filing a lawsuit could be one way to make up for the financial toll of the accident. If a reckless driver collided with you while you were riding a bicycle, this may be an option that you should look into closely.

You should try to make sure that your employer understands the physical and even mental/emotional challenges that you are working through due to a bicycle accident. Some employers are more understanding than others but do not ever put yourself in a position where you could reinjure yourself. Some people cannot return to their former position in any capacity because of the consequences of a bike accident, and it is especially important for victims in this position to carefully examine their legal options.