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Consider the various impacts of divorce aspects

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2019 | Family Law, Firm News

The end of a marriage is a trying time for many people. If your ex sprung a divorce unexpectedly on you, it might feel like you are trying to rush to catch up. It is important for you to take stock of the situation and learn about what’s coming so you can protect your own interests. We can help you do this and come up with solutions to address the issues that are present in your case.

One thing to remember is that you are likely going to go through negotiations with your ex about child custody, support payments and property division. These might be heated, but you might be able to work out a deal that allows you to start your new life off on the best foundation possible. Throughout the negotiations, you need to think about how various arrangements will affect you right away, but don’t forget about the long-term effects.

When it comes to the children, you should try to come to agreement about the parenting plan as quickly as possible. Children don’t have a say in the divorce, so they need to know that they will continue to have the stability they need. This isn’t usually possible when life is in an upheaval from the divorce. Setting the plan as soon as you can gives them consistency.

The property division process might be another challenge, but thinking about everything in the right context can make it easier. Even though you might have emotional attachments to some of the marital assets, try not to focus on this too much. Instead, look at the assets as things that can either help your future or that will weigh you down as you move forward. Try to keep things that will make your life easier. We can help you with the legal aspects of the divorce so you can make informed decisions.