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Find your peace with co-parenting

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2018 | Family Law, Firm News

Keeping your focus on co-parenting isn’t always easy. Since you and your ex aren’t in a relationship any longer, it can be rather difficult to have to deal with him or her on a regular basis, but you have to because of the children.

One way that you can make things easier on yourself is to find your zen. Figure out what makes the situation a little less stressful for yourself and focus on those. Here are some suggestions you might find useful:

Focus on the kids

Your kids have to be your primary focus. It is easy to turn child custody into a you versus the other parent situation. Letting this happen will almost certainly make things more stressful. It can also have a negative impact on the children. Instead of falling into this habit, make it a point to think about how each decision you make impacts the children.

Let the little things go

You and your ex won’t see eye to eye on everything. Instead of trying to battle about every little disagreement, you can choose to just let the small stuff go. If something doesn’t have a negative impact on the children, don’t worry about it. By doing this, you will retain power over your sanity since you won’t be roped into fights by your ex.

Be willing to compromise

Every co-parenting relationship is built on compromise. You won’t ever get your way all the time, so stop and think about the solutions to problems your ex is offering. You might find that some of these work better than what you proposed.