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How to reduce phone distractions while driving

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the biggest dangers of driving is distractions. Distracted driving can lead to fatal accidents and can be caused by nearly anything. Some common examples of distracted driving can include eating, talking to passengers, changing the radio or adjusting the rear view mirror. 

Phone distractions happen to be the most common cause of distracted driving. This isn’t exactly surprising since phone manufacturers make phones to attract the attention of users. If you’re afraid a phone distraction might cause an accident, you may need to consider doing the following:

Put your phone out of reach 

If you can’t access your phone, then there may be fewer distractions. You may consider putting your phone in a bag, backseat, glove box or trunk if you fear a phone call or text will distract you.

Turn on silent move

You can silence notifications on your phones by turning down the volume. Some phones also have “driving modes” that silence phones automatically when it senses a car in motion.

Turn off your phone

One of the causes of phone distractions is social media. If you have a tendency to look at social media often, you may want to consider turning off your phone. You may be less likely to look at your phone when you see that it’s been turned off.

Give your phone to a passenger

If you’re expecting a phone call, you may give your phone to a passenger. The passenger could be responsible for answering the phone for you so that you can focus on the road.

Switch to a “dumb phone”

Dumb phones are a growing trend. A dumb phone is a kind of device that allows people to call and text others, but it may have limited access to social media and other notifications. This might help reduce phone distractions.

Reducing phone distractions is important to your safety. However, you can’t always account for other drivers. If you’re in an auto accident because another driver was using their phone, you may need to learn about your legal options for compensation.