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Putting your life back together after a loss

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2020 | Personal Injury

The CDC estimates that five percent of total deaths in the United States are due to unintentional injuries, such as motor vehicle accidents. Still, there is no way to be prepared for it if it happens to a family member or loved one. If you are facing catastrophic injuries or even a death, and all of the costs or losses that could come with such an event, you may not know where to turn.

In our personal injury practice, we see cases that range from severe injuries — such as back and spine issues — to events that change the entire course of a family’s future. Our goal is to make our clients whole again. We do this by pursuing responsible parties until they give our clients the compensation necessary to reconstruct and restart their lives.

We understand that money does not buy closure. It cannot bring loved ones back. However, we often find that access to adequate resources does allow people to get the professional help they need to recover and move on. Beyond that, the court may have the option to provide compensation for future earnings.

The CDC also mentions that one in three motor vehicle injury fatalities involve a drunk driver. Despite extensive campaigning against driving while under the influence, this continues to be a deadly issue in Kentucky. In the case that our clients are injured by reckless or drunk drivers, we do our utmost to make sure that our negotiations or litigation deliver justice.

Although you may never heal completely from a catastrophic loss, having sufficient resources may help you get closer to where you were before. Please continue reading on our main website for more information.