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Semi crashes may be caused by truckers, but other factors exist

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2018 | Firm News, Personal Injury

Truckers have a duty to drive safely so that others on the road can get to where they are going. When truckers are distracted or suffering from fatigue, they might not be able to handle their driving duties in the manner they should. Unfortunately, many of them know that they can’t simply stop and take some time to rest and gather their wits. They are often on very tight schedules that don’t allow them the liberty to do what they need in order to remain safe.

There are a few other causes of semi truck crashes that you should know about. Other drivers might dart in front of the trucker, which can cause them to take evasive actions that might result in a crash. They might hit that vehicle and then cause a chain reaction.

In some cases, the issue goes beyond the trucker. Improperly maintained trucks can be unsafe and may lead to a crash. For example, if the trailer hitch fails, the trailer could become an uncontrollable high-speed projectile.

There is also a chance that the rig’s cargo might not be attached properly. This could also lead to a wreck if the truck is being swayed by it or if it flies or falls off the truck.

Seeking compensation can help you reduce the financial impact of the crash. This might make it easier for you to get medical and mental health care. It may also make it possible for you to focus on your healing without having the financial stress always on your mind. Determining the cause of the crash and figuring out who to name as defendants are some of the first steps you need to take.