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Unfortunately, there are very few qualified mediators at a time when the demand for mediators is at an all time high. Several of the attorneys at Foreman Watson Holtrey, LLP, now devote a portion of their practice to mediating cases in the areas of injury law, family law, business disputes and estate disputes.

Our attorneys are now available for full day and half day mediations. Additionally in Bowling Green, Kentucky we have a state-of-the-art mediation center which is available for your mediations. With video conferencing and beautiful conference rooms, a quiet and accommodating environment is created to allow participants an excellent place to conduct meaningful mediations.

Our hourly rates for mediation are priced competitively to allow you to mediate your cases at an affordable rate.

Meet Our Mediators

Travis Holtrey has litigated and/or tried hundreds of cases in all types of injury cases over the past twenty-six (26) years. He served as a panel chair in dozens of medical malpractice cases which were advanced during Kentucky’s trial period with medical malpractice panels. Mr. Holtrey is also experienced in litigating complex business disputes. He has been a part of cases involving dissolution of medical partnerships and the sale of successful business. Mr. Holtrey is the managing partner of the firm and thus has insight into case expenses and the cost benefit analysis which attorneys must consider when advancing and defending cases. Mr. Holtrey has participated in hundreds of mediation and is ready to help you with your next case.

Tyler Johnson has litigated nearly one thousand family law cases. He has handled complex divorces, adoptions and matters involving child custody and support. Tyler has a firm understanding of the expense of family law cases and has been able to negotiate numerous settlements rather than see litigants spend unnecessary dollars fighting over matters. Tyler is known for his progressive approach in family law cases and his knowledge of family law.

Hollie Lindsey has litigated hundreds of family law cases. She has been involved in complex divorce cases involving child custody and support issues. Additionally, a large part of Hollie’s practice involves estate planning and probate law. She has been involved in many estate dispute cases and is effective in those cases because of her knowledge of estate planning.

Please call Tina Hadley at 270-721-2121 or email her at [email protected], to book your mediation today!