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Unique Experience & Skills Of An Education Law Mediator

I want to present you with an option for resolving some of your more difficult disputes – ranging from personnel issues, to Title IX matters, to Board questions and disagreements. I am not only a lawyer and experienced mediator, but served as a college president, adjunct faculty member, and college board trustee, and member and Vice-Chair of Kentucky’s Council on Postsecondary Education. This gives me tremendous insight into the issues and challenges you face with higher education and the law no one else has. I want to offer that experience to you in hopes that your work can be more focused on the vision you have set for your institution.

The Challenges of A College President

During my time as a college president I realized how much of my time was spent on things other than the institutional mission. I loved my tenure as a president but this was the part of my college presidency which could be quite frustrating at times. You likely have your own issues and circumstances which keep you up at night, aggravate you, or just make you feel as though you are trying to run the one-hundred meter dash in a swimming pool.

A Return To The Legal Field

After returning to my law practice, I realized I had something unique to offer my colleagues at other colleges and universities. Using my mediation skills and experience, I am able to effectively and successfully help other presidents and institutions quickly resolve their issues and disputes so not to linger for long periods of time and detract from the college or university mission.

Decades of Mediation Experience

I have been mediating cases for two decades and, again, have tried cases before juries throughout my legal career. I have represented public and private schools and, again, have not only been a college president but have also been a college trustee and an adjunct professor. In short, I know the business, the structure, the politics, and the law of higher education and want to help make your work more rewarding and more successful by mediating/and or resolving your disputes that can be time consuming and distracting.

When You Need Trusted Counsel for Mediation and/or Consultation in Higher Education Disputes or Issues, Rely On Foreman Watson Holtrey

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