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Your One Call for Injury Law

At FWH, Your One Call For Injury Law, our attorneys take a personal approach to the practice of law. As citizens we must adhere to the same laws and feel it is very important we take the time to explain legal accountability, the legal process to our clients, and ensure that you have all the information available to make the best decisions. Many personal injury accidents taking place bring on the topic of premises liability. Found on,
"The legal theory of premises liability holds property owners and residents liable for accidents and injuries that occur on that property. The kinds of incidents that may result in premises liability claims can range from a slip and fall on a public sidewalk to an injury suffered on an amusement park ride." In order to learn more and be aware of possible situations, take a look at the following articles: Basics of Premise Liability: Premises Liability Involving Children: Also, if you personally have been in a questionable premises liability situation involving injury, Text "Injury" to 82474. 

The Federal Tort Claims Act

Just as we as individuals have to be accountable for our actions, each level of government must also adhere to and be aware of outcomes as a result of employees and programs. Believe it or not, it was not until 1946 that the federal government was held accountable by the passing of the Federal Tort Claims Act. This act removed sovereign immunity, "which establishes complete immunity of the government from being sued and found liable in a lawsuit." Below is a brief description of this passage according to What is covered in the Federal Tort Claims Act? "Individuals who are injured or whose property is damaged by the wrongful or negligent act of a federal employee acting in the scope of his or her official duties may file a claim with the government for reimbursement for that injury or damage. What is considered a valid claim? "In order to state a valid claim, the claimant must demonstrate that (1) he was injured or his property was damaged by a federal government employee; (2) the employee was acting within the scope of his official duties; (3) the employee was acting negligently or wrongfully; and (4) the negligent or wrongful act proximately caused the injury or damage of which he complains. 

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