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Top 10 Preventable Summer Injuries

Lawn Mower Injuries Killer Sunburns BBQ Blunders Dehydration Swimming Pool Firework Injuries Head Injury Boating & Personal Watercraft Injury On The Road Insect Stings & BitesLawn Mower InjuriesEach year 80,000 Americans require hospital treatment for...

FWH – Best of Owensboro

Five years ago I joined forces with my partners, Jeff Foreman and Jim Watson. From the beginning we all made a commitment to being involved in our community. That genuine pride we have in the people of our region has trickled down to our associate attorneys and our...

Driving Safe

CAR RENTAL RECALLS "What I experienced was an everyday fender bender. I assumed most lawyers would not care to take my case because it was small in scale, however when dealing with Travis Holtrey and his team of employees, I felt as though I was their most important...