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Ask Travis: Dissolution of Marriage

"I've been married for 25+ years, and want to dissolve the marriage but my husband does not. Our home is in both of our names, and we have 2 children. Will we split everything 50/50?"While many people operate under the impression that 50/50 is a rule of thumb, there...

Hotel Swimming Pool Electrocution

Family files lawsuit alleging "gross negligence of epic proportions" for the electrocution death of a young man at a Hilton Hotel swimming pool. you or a loved one has suffered from negligence in any situation, contact [nap_names...

Ask Travis: Divorce

"I'm going through a divorce and don't want it to get messy. What should I do first, and is there anything I should I avoid?"The first thing to do is seek counsel from someone experienced in family law before you enter into any agreement, whether formal or informal...