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You got in an accident. Now what?

If you get in an accident, do you know what to do or what information to collect? There are numerous apps that can help you in the event of an accident, and here are two of our favorites:1. C.A.R. Car Accident Report captures vehicle and location details, any...

Hands Free is Still Dangerous

Do you use hands-free technology when you drive? Even though you might think you're being safe, distracted driving is always dangerous.According to an article on, "The fundamental problem is that safe driving demands attention, but multitasking divides our...

What is ADR?

Nearly 30 years ago, Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR was created because of the high expense of going to court. ADR refers to settling disputes outside of the courtroom using certain negotiation, mediation, arbitration or other various methods to circumvent...

Ask Travis: Rights of Grandparents?

"Do grandparents have visitation rights in the state of Kentucky?"Thank you for your question. Yes, they do. Kentucky has a statute that directly applies and provides for the rights of grandparents. The statute is KRS 405.021. Tyler Johnson of our firm specializes in...